Over 37m telephone lines are inactive in Nigeria; NCC reveals a declining use of activated lines


The monthly subscriber data of telecommunication operators shows
that there were 37,038,204  inactive telephone lines on operators’
networks as at July, 2012. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), in a statement on
Tuesday, showed that the inactive lines increased by 3,366,204, above
the 33,672,000 recorded in June, 2012.
Available data revealed that although the Global System for
Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile network had a total of 124,266,618 connected
lines, only 99,474,080 lines were active.
The mobile section of the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
had 10,350,537 as against 13,802,905 connected lines and 3,452,368 active CDMA
network users.
The Fixed Wired/Wireless network, with a total of 2,394,139
connected lines in July, had an active subscriber base of 449,010, with the
number of unused lines at 1,945,129.
Installed capacity on the GSM (mobile), CDMA (mobile) and the
Fixed Wired/Wireless networks increased to 210,846,910, as against 208,659,327
in June.
Installed capacity refers to the total infrastructure that a
network put in place to accommodate a certain number of telephone lines,
without resulting to congestion or poor network quality at a particular period
of time.
The GSM networks have an installed capacity of 181,160,659 to
accommodate their 124,266,618 connected lines.
The CDMA installed a capacity of 18,400,000 for the 13,802,905
while the Fixed Networks installed 11,286,251 capacities for the connected
2,394,139 lines.
Teledensity of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry climbed to
73.88 per cent in July, compared to 73.12 per cent in June.
Teledensity measures the percentage of a country’s population
that has access to telecommunications services as determined by the subscriber
base. Nigeria’s teledensity is currently calculated by NCC on a population of
140 million people.
The Subscriber Data showed that although operators were working
to increase subscriber base, some SIM card holders would buy and not use
the SIM cards.
Operators’ revenue increase might also be hampered with a
continued increase in inactive lines or users.


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