Housemaid caught on camera raping one-year-old boy


 She sat on top of baby and stifled his cries
with pillow.
 An Asian housemaid in Abu Dhabi waited for her Arab employer
and his wife to go out before laying their one-year-old boy naked on the bed,
took her clothes off and raped him, unaware of the hidden cameras installed in
the house.
film showed the maid and the baby both naked as she sat on top of him, ignoring
his cries because of pain.

Annoyed by his non-stop cries, the maid then beat the baby and
placed a pillow on his face to stifle his noise as she continued abusing him.

She was arrested in the capital.
The prosecutor accused the maid of raping the baby and endangering
his life. When she was shown the film, she confessed to her crime.
Quoted by the semi-official daily Alittihad, a prosecution source
said the maid faces up to 15 years in jail in line with the federal law meting
out such punishment against crimes involving rape of people under 14 years.
“The UAE deals firmly with any thing that endangers children and
harms them physically and psychologically..…under the law, the parents bear the
responsibility to protect their children against such dangers,” the source
“The prosecution office is very much worried about the growing
phenomenon of families relying heavily on maids to look after their
children…the UAE law considers that parents leaving their child alone with a
maid amounts to an act of endangering others’ life…this crime is punishable
under law.”


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