Jonathan, children visit First Lady in Germany


NTA  screenshot of President Goodluck Jonathan and wife in germany

President Goodluck Jonathan was in Germany at the weekend to see
First Lady Patience Jonathan

The footage of the visit in which the President was in company
with their two children, was aired last night on the Nigeria Television
Authority (NTA) network news.
In the footage, Mrs Jonathan was seen exchanging pleasantries
with everyone including her husband and the children.

She was dressed in long skirt and blouse sown with African
fabric with a matching head tie. The President was dressed in his trademark
Niger Delta attire.
She was moving about greeting people while her husband sat. They
were both laughing aloud. Their two children stayed close to her one – on the
left and the other on her right.
She was overheard saying in the background: “let me take
pictures with my husband”.
The footage did not however show whether they were in the
hospital or elsewhere. But Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati who confirmed
the President’s trip said the footage showed that much of what has been written
on the First Lady’s health are incorrect.
It was gathered that the President was accompanied on the trip
by The Chaplain of Aso Vlla Chapel, Ven. Obioma Onwuzurumba. Nigeria’s
Ambassador to Germany, Abdul Usman Abubakar was with them.
The First Lady has been out of the country for about seven
weeks. She was last seen in public on August 28.
Abati sad the President returned to the country yesterday after
the one-day visit.
He said:”What that video has proved is that the President’s wife
is hale and hearty and she is not in a bad shape like people will want
Nigerians to believe.
“The video has put paid to all the lies that people who play
politics with almost everything have been spreading.
“It was clear from that video that the scene was not an hospital
The First Lady sudden disappearance from the Presidential Villa
has set the tongues wagging. There have been intense speculations about her
state of health. Some said she was rushed out as a result of food poisoning,
others have said it was as a result of ruptured appendicitis among others
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