Shocking pictures ‘show traffic warden being caught threatening to hand out ticket… then letting off driver in return for £20 bribe’


These photos show how a traffic warden in a £4.40-an-hour
zone was allegedly caught threatening to hand out a parking ticket – but then
backed down after being handed a £20 bribe by a driver. A journalist was parked without a ticket on a
street in London’s Mayfair when a civil enforcement officer (CEO) wearing a
Westminster City Council jacket approached and threatened to fine him. But the traffic warden, employed by the UK’s
biggest parking contractor NSL, allegedly said he could ‘sort something out’ if
he was paid – and would stop any local wardens putting a ticket on the car.The Daily Star Sunday reporter came back later
and asked if the deal will still on if he came back the next day and parked on
the same road. The traffic warden was captured on video saying ‘yes’.

The reporter gave the warden £20 the next day
and was not issued with a fine, as promised. Other cars in the street without
valid tickets or permits were allegedly also not given penalty notices.

Drivers normally have to pay £4.40 per 60
minutes for a maximum of four hours on a street in the exclusive London area,
and can be given an £80 fine if they do not have a ticket or resident’s permit.

A spokesman for Westminster City Council said it
was a contractor’s fault. He added: ‘We expect the highest standards from all
of our contractors, especially when it comes to employing suitable staff. 

‘We have been assured that NSL are investigating
the allegations fully, and as a matter of urgency.’

NSL, formerly known as NCP, runs parking
enforcement on the streets of more than 60 councils.

Its spokesman Dr Belinda Webb told MailOnline:
‘On Friday we were made aware that the (Daily Star Sunday) had filmed a civil
enforcement officer, employed by NSL, allegedly accepting a bribe.

‘As the biggest employer of CEOs we treat all
such allegations very seriously. It is because of this that our CEOs undergo robust
screening and periodic checks.

‘We can confirm that our initial investigations
show that the accused CEO had recorded on his handheld computer the fact that
someone had offered him a £20 note at the time the Star alleges it occurred. 

‘We have taken the routine measure of changing
the CEO’s duties until the Star allows us to see the video footage it claims to
possess, which shall then inform our investigation.’


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