Pandemonium as Police Corporal kills bus conductor in Lagos


hell broke loose yesterday at the Ketu area of Lagos State, when a policeman
shot point blank at a conductor’s head, killing him instantly. The Nigerian Compass heard that the young man was killed after the policeman
allegedly demanded for a bribe, which the conductor stubbornly refused to given. The policeman was said to have opened fire on him. The bullet hit him on the
head, and his brains spattered everywhere. He died immediately on the spot.

A police source, attached to Ketu Police Station, told the Nigerian Compass that
the killer policeman, identified as Corporal Oluwatiyesi Gboyega, a mobile
policeman attached to Mopol 50, FCT Abuja, brought out his service pistol and
shot the bus conductor on the head during a misunderstanding. The bus conductor
died instantly.

The source added: “When we saw that the situation was becoming tensed, we
arrested the policeman and took him to our station. We’ll transfer him
tomorrow. Policeman or no policeman, he has killed somebody and must be treated
as a murderer.”

Enraged bus drivers and other conductors, re-enforced and almost began a war on
policemen in the area.

Fearing the worst, policemen in the area had immediately started shooting
sporadically into the air.

Commercial activities were halted, as passers-by and traders scampered for
safety from flying bullets.

One of the eye witnesses, Lanre Gbangba, said: “When I got to Ketu, it was
confusion everywhere. Policemen were everywhere and they were shooting. I had
to run and hid somewhere. I hid there until the shooting stopped. Policemen and
bus drivers were fighting. It was serious fight.”

When the Nigerian Compass contacted police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide on the
matter, she explained that she had only just heard about the incident, some
minutes ago and was still trying to get the facts of the matter, before giving
out information, to avoid misleading members of the public.

Police station burnt in Ibadan

THE peace of Kuola area of Apata in Ibadan South West Local Government area of
Oyo state was yesterday ruptured when an erring commercial motorcycle operator,
popularly called ‘okada’, who tried to evade arrest having flouted the new
traffic law and  feigned death after he was beaten by a policeman, thereby
triggering protest in which a police station was set ablaze.

The victim, popularly called Akebaje, was said to have conveyed two passengers
on his Okada against the law enforcing only one passenger with the rider on the
bike, and while being stopped, tried to run, and was hit.

To avoid being prosecuted, Akebaje pretended that he had died, thus prompting
insurgence from his co-okada riders.

The erring Okada man was whisked away to the police station, instead of being
taken to a hospital, an action which made the people around to proclaim that he
had died.

The news of Akebaje’s supposed death got the parks, and so members of the road
transport union comprising Okada and commercial vehicle operators took to the
streets to protest the alleged killing.

Later, the violence spread to the Kuola police station as scores of youths
storm the station and set the building ablaze, while the few policemen ran for

Most parts of Apata area of Ibadan were deserted when about 20 police pick-vans
started arriving the troubled spot and fired tear gas canisters leading to
injuries sustained by some people.

source said among the injured was a two-year old boy who was hit by canister of

Reacting to the violence, the  State Police Command yesterday denied
claims that a man and a two-year old boy died in the violence that erupted
between policemen and commercial motorcyclists.

Addressing reporters on the crisis at the police headquarters, Eleyele, Ibadan
yesterday, the Acting Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Mr. Ayodele
Lanade, explained that a commercial motorcyclist was stopped by a team of
policemen on a stop-and-search duty but turned back immediately to evade

“The person they claimed was dead is alive and is in our custody. He only
pretended to have fainted to deceive people.” Lanade explained.

He also warned the motorcyclists against taking laws into their hands. Lanade
said that there was no justification for burning down the police station.

The PPRO also disclosed that 28 suspects and 42 commercial motorcycles have
been arrested in connection with the attack.



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