incredible! Man kills, roasts, eats brother’s killer


There was pandemonium in Abgbarho
Community, Delta State yesterday when a middle-aged man burnt a member of a
vigilance group alive and ate his flesh. Daily Sun gathered that the culprit
took the action to avenge the murder of his twin brother by the vigilance group
member. The incident
occurred at the popular Five Junction of Orho-Agbarho in Ughelli North Local
Government Area of the state.

Eyewitnesses told Daily Sun that the vigilante
and the deceased had placed a bet on a pack of cards they were playing with
huge sum of money to be won. According to them, the vigilance group man lost
the game and when the winner insisted that his money be given to him, he
refused. Sources said when he could not get the money, the security man rushed
to his house to take his gun and shot his friend to death.

They said
when the deceased’s twin brother heard of the incident, he mobilized his
relations to apprehend the culprit. Daily Sun further gathered that as soon as
the alleged killer was apprehended, he was taken along with the deceased’s
lifeless body to Five Junction, where they set him ablaze after beating him
mercilessly. Still gripped with fury, the brother to the deceased was said to
have then dismembered the charred body of the vigilante and threw the parts
around the five junctions before he started eating them.
revealed that anti-crime policemen from Agbarho along with some soldiers later
came to the scene and shot the man who ate the body parts. It was gathered that
he later died in police custody. However, during the sporadic shooting by the
police and the military team at the scene, three persons were killed by stray
bullets. Thus, a total of six people died during the particular incident.
Meanwhile, Agbarho has been deserted, as tension and uncertainty pervaded the


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