PDP vs FASHOLA:Gov is rude to non-Lagosians – PDP


Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has asked the Lagos
State Governor, Mr. Raji Fashola to adopt a more diplomatic, civil and
honourable manner of addressing residents of the state. In
a statement by its state chairman, Mr. Tunji Shelle, the party berated the
governor for threatening non-Lagosians to leave the state or be ready to face
his manner of governance.

party stated that “it is very unbecoming of the state Governor to be quick in
asking non- Lagosians to leave Lagos State whenever such persons seek redress
or demand their rights as Nigerians.”

will be recalled that Mr. Fashola had warned that Lagos State traffic law and
other laws must be obeyed and that those who are not ready to obey should leave
the state.
faulting the remarks, the party said “we are taken aback to hear a governor,
lawyer and indeed Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, threaten or make statements
suggestive of ignorance to Nigerians.”
added that “under no circumstance can anybody, not even the president, deport
any Nigerian from any state in the country. The right of a Nigerian to live and
not be discriminated against is guaranteed under the constitution of our great
country. No law can thus be made to frustrate or erode such guarantee. The
Governor ought to know this and remain civil.”
party, however, called on The Presidency and the National Assembly to call the
Lagos State governor to order to respect the “sacrosanct right of every
Nigerian to live in any part of the country,” adding the he should be advised
against taking steps that can expose Lagosians outside the state to hatred.”
…They are playing ethnic politics – ACN
A swift reaction, the state Publicity Secretary of Action Congress of Nigeria,
ACN, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, said “PDP is playing cheap ethnic politics with the hope
that it will wake their dead party from the grave.
is no truth whatsoever in the allegation and it is typical of PDP to relish in
manuf- acturing and spreading gossips and falsehood about Lagos, hoping they
would hoodwink Lagosians with these.”
addition, he said “For the avoidance of doubts, Governor Fashola is
accommodative of non-Lagosians in Lagos and has many of them in his government
in high positions. He therefore cannot be threatening non-Lagosians.
meets regularly with non Lagosians to interact and rub minds on how to enhance
peaceful co existence because he realizes that Lagos is a melting port for
every Nigerian and he works to uphold this tenet.
Governor Fashola ever warns Lagosians who constitute menace to others, such
warnings are within his constitutional powers as the Number One citizen of
Lagos State. Such warnings are to all Lagosians and never restricted to non-
continued: “But Lagos PDP, desperate for straws to anchor their miserable
political hopes, will go viral and twist these facts with the hope they will
con unsuspecting non- Lagosians.
is a tragedy that a party that should be advertising its strong performance
with power in the centre and majority of Nigerian states is not doing that
because PDP has wrecked Nigeria…”
Source: Vanguard


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