Attack on Buhari: CPC blasts Okupe, warns Jonathan


The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) yesterday described
the attack on a former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, by a Senior
Special Assistant to the President, Dr. Doyin Okupe, as intemperate.
The party warned President Goodluck
Jonathan against pandering to the promptings of “apologists” like Okupe.

The party, which made its position known
in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Engr. Rotimi Fashakin, said
the President should listen to advice from patriots like Buhari.
The statement reads: “As a party, we have
often counselled that the churlish demeanor of Dr. Doyin Okupe is deleterious
to the Jonathan regime. The nauseous, intemperate and inane mannerism of Dr.
Doyin Okupe as a presidential aide is a collective disgrace to us as Nigerians.
“Whilst it is understandable that there
is usually a strong desire to desperately hold on to a rehabilitative
presidential appointment -in a clime bedeviled with festering deprivation and
corruption- there is nothing noble in talking when there is nothing to be said.
“The penchant for Dr Okupe in attacking
whatever GMB says, with concomitant jettisoning of reason, is despicable and
stands condemned. The good that the President can do to himself will definitely
not be in pandering to the obsequious apologists around him like Dr Okupe but
in properly distilling the well-meaning pieces of advice of acknowledged
patriots like GMB!”
The party asked the administration of
Jonathan to reflect on the sequence of events in the past two years and
Buhari’s warning about political Boko Haram.
“At the Congress for Progressive Change
(CPC), we have noted the cavalier but utterly fatuous statement by Dr Doyin
Okupe, the Presidential Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, as a
reaction to the assertion of our National Leader, General Muhammadu Buhari
“It will be recalled that at an
interactive session with journalists after the CPC Board of Trustees’ meeting
on Wednesday, November 07, 2012, GMB had unambiguously labelled the PDP
government of President Goodluck Jonathan as the author of the political variant
of Boko Haram.
“At a Channels’ interview session on
Thursday, November 08, 2012, Dr Okupe abandoned reason as a tool for
dialectical engagement (based on verifiable fact) and sounded like a broken
record in mouthing the same over-used propaganda (not based on substantiated
fact) that GMB incited his supporters to resort to violence during the 2011
electioneering campaigns.
“He said inter-alia: ‘During the
election, during the campaign, General Buhari himself campaigned for violence.
So, it is too late in the day to try to back track. Those who sow wind should
not try and start and begin to look good.’
“It was this same capricious but
unfounded falsity that Dr Reuben Abati, his colleague in the business of image
laundering project for President Good-luck Jonathan, wrote in his Guardian
newspaper column in May 2011; the subject of a libelous litigation that Abati
is desperately making attempts to untangle himself from.
“For the sake of preserving the records
from the desperate attempts of revisionists in the nation’s power corridor, let
us examine again the facts that stare us in the face about the consanguinity of
this PDP-led Federal Government of President Good-luck Jonathan with the
political Boko-Haram that had, in the last two years, inflicted incalculable
damage on the essence of our nationhood.
“Fact one: since the advent of the Fourth
Republic which effectively started on May 29, 1999, aside the agitation of the
Niger-Delta militants for resource control, there had not been any structured
infrastructure for mass attack on innocents and religious institutions as had
been seen in the last twenty-five months.
“While Dr Good-luck Jonathan was still
vying for the presidential nomination of his party, Peoples Democratic Party
(PDP), there was a bomb blast near the Eagle Square, Abuja during the
Independence anniversary celebration on October 1, 2011.
“Whilst the dust was still settling on an
infamy that claimed innocent lives with many others severely wounded and
without any preliminary report from the security agencies on the incident, the
President (Dr Goodluck Jonathan) spoke: ‘It is not MEND.’
“A perspicacious check on the President’s
statement would suggest that he had prior knowledge of the source of the blast.
“Of course, in the succeeding days, the
Campaign Manager of one of the political elements (from Northern Nigeria ) that
was contesting the party nomination with him was invited for questioning by the
nation’s secret service as a way to deflect public gaze towards him.
“When he withdrew his candidacy, the
President quickly incorporated his campaign manager into the ‘Good-luck
Jonathan campaign organisation!
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