Dangerous house girls


House helps or maids come in different categories. In an ideal setting,
they are very helpful especially to the busy or working-class mothers. While
many are paid employees, others are distant relatives of either of the couple. On the flipside, having a house help could be
dangerous, especially the female ones who most often than not are potential sex
baits to their male employers. Even if his mind is far from randy thoughts,
some subtle suggestive body movements from a nubile maid, either deliberately
or innocently, could stir irresistible lust in a man’s loin.I have witnessed a situation whereby the madam
lost her husband to the house help. The “dirty old man,” charmed by the sweetness
of a 19-year-old c*** soon forgot that his wife had sexual urges that needed to
be satisfied by his ‘straying’ John Thomas.
There was a case of yet another man who could not
glimpse his wife’s nakedness without going gaga; anytime he set his eyes on her
body especially on the mounds on her chest, his action kit would hurriedly rise
to the occasion, and before you could say Jack Robinson, he would pounce on her
like a sex maniac. As a result of his animalistic attitude towards sex, his
wife no longer dared to undress in his presence. Even when she wanted to take
her bath, she made sure the bathroom was securely locked for fear of ‘unwanted
With such a sex machine in the house, one would
expect that the woman would have been prudent enough to employ a male domestic
help. Alas, she employed a nubile girl, who in time became her husband’s secret
concubine. Perhaps the naïve woman thought that her husband’s JT should respect
itself and  dare not go about “poking into other holes.” She goofed. And
she found out too late. Right under her nose a monkey business went on
undetected. The house girl was busy servicing her husband.  Before she
realized what was happening, Ekaette was three months belleful, pregnant with
her oga’s seed, while the madam of the house and the rightful owner of the
“farming tool” was yet to have her own land properly tilled and sowed with the
master’s wild oat.
When the bubble burst, Ekaette was summarily sent
back to her village. Yet, the madam approached the mess the English way: she
deemed her husband’s betrayal unforgivable and formerly called it quit with the
marriage. The couple divorced. The man decided to be African about the whole
mess. He headed back to the village and brought back the heavily pregnant
former house girl to become his wife. Case closed.
Men. It is only men that could eat their cake and
yet have it. Some men, when it comes to giving their wives their conjugal dues,
would  mischieviously play the eunuch, but would sooner go and play the
he-goat with little girls who should still be watching PG movies.  What is
so annoying about this shenanigans is that some men even try to play the field
with a pervert sense of equity: he would benevolently give his wife two course
meal of good sex and when she is sleeping off the fatigue of the encounter, he
would sneak out to have a dessert of one explosive round with the house help.
Queer enough, I have heard men say that “sex is
sweeter when stolen” – when there is an element of danger to it,  it 
has the thrill of an adventure. One old fool unabashedly boasted to me that
more fun is derived from a woman’s honey pot when you do it “sharp sharp” than
relishing the act in a more relaxed.
Only God knows what this world is turning into.
Fathers having carnal knowledge of their young daughters – and even getting
them pregnant. Male teachers f*****g their vulnerable pupils and students.
House girls and their randy Ogas knacking each other behind the back of their
madams. Illicit sex, everywhere, haba!
We were talking about housegirls before I
digressed. A newly-wed friend of mine seven months ago found herself in a
housegirl problem. Because of the demanding nature of her job – she is a banker
– and being two months pregnant, engaging the service of a domestic help was
inevitable. She got an 18-year-old Cotonou import. The problem was, this 18
year old had  the ripe, full body of a 26-year-old. Worse still, she had a
flirty attitude and big mesmerizing eyes that men frequently fall victims of.
Flirting was a habit of her. My friend had no problem with her. The girl can
really work. But one day I went for a visit. I took along my 23-year-old nephew
who had recently discovered the vain art of skirt-chasing. Another friend of
ours Beatrice, too came, also with her two “huge” brothers.
When the house girl bent down right in our front,
her skirt and blouse were hardly enough cover for her womanly endowments.
Sinful sights popped out. Her cleavage was in clear view, her pawpaw-like boobs
shaking inside her loose camisole. You know men’s adrenalin transmit signals
from their their eyes to their JTs- those boys forgot that their sisters and
aunts were in the same room with them. They were literally drooling. Come to
think of it, the girl wasn’t interested in any of them. She was even aware of
what she just did. There and then, I wondered how my friend’s husband was
coping with such temptation within arms’ reach and almost free of charge.
I think my friend got the message. Two weeks
later, I visited her when she took ill and was given a day off from work. I met
her alone. “Where is your house maid?”
“I have asked her to leave,” was her angry reply
to my query. I raised the possibility of getting another maid or alternatively
inviting her sister, a 27-year-old, 200 Level student to assist her with
household chores. She cut me off curtly. “I don’t think getting any house girl
is a good idea.”
Her sister, indeed, was a girl with notoriety when
it comes to the men’s business – young, dangerously beautifully, tantalizingly
full-bodied and recklessly flirtatious. Having her around is like handling a
man a grenade with the pin already out. But isn’t she family?  It turned
out my friend caught her husband in some hanky-panky with the last maid. So she
was not ready to trust him with any girl in close range, not even with her own
sister. And the man too would not have any male presence breathing around his
To let her know that I had an idea of what was
going on, I offered an unsolicited help: “should I help you to get a
65-year-old industrious woman who can do all sorts of help?”

Culled from Entertainment Express


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