Incredible! Sin City In Lagos


•Hard drugs, alcohol daily diets 

display breasts 24/7 

gamble, watch x-rated movies all day
The enclave of Ijora Badia in Apapa-Iganmu Local Council
Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State is a constellation of absurdity. It is
indeed a melange of miscreants, roughnecks, gangsters, fraudsters and
prostitutes. It is an enclave situated along the railway line that runs from
Ijora to Iddo. The environment is filthy with euglena infested brackish lagoon,
which harbours dangerous reptiles and breeds mosquitoes in millions. From Ijora
bus-stop, a macadamized road that links the bus-stop with Ijora Badia railway
line community gives a wrong impression of where it leads to.

On both sides of the link road are shops that display different
wares ranging from electronic equipment to clothes, shoes, bags, among other
articles of trade. But the end of the link road exposes one to the railway line
habitat, which bubbles with a plethora of indecent and unspeakable activities.
By the swampy side of the railway are clusters of large wooden cabin suspended
up to six feet atop the brackish lagoon. There are several of such
accommodation housing half-dressed, haggard, dishevelled, fierce-looking women
of all sizes, shapes and ages. In fact, one could rightly say the cabins are
brothels on the lagoon.

By 12 noon when this reporter visited the enclave, some of the
women, especially the older ones appear worn-out with bulging, sleepy, red
eyes, an indication that they must have had a busy night, perhaps also, it’s an
indication that business is booming. Even as they intermittently shut their
eyes and nod their heads involuntarily as they fight against the sleep trying
to envelope them, reliable sources swore they were still ‘ready for action if a
customer calls’. For the younger women, most of whom appeared tattered and
unkempt, they sat in clusters with their navels on display, as well as their
breasts shooting out like balloons.
Although, the sight of those riotous stretch-marked breasts may
appear repulsive to any reasonable man, the male folks in the community, who
appeared morally depraved and seemed no less better, found such commodity very
luscious, salacious and sexually arousing. They also wore skimpy tight skirts
and shorts that exposed their thighs up to their pubic region, but like the breasts,
such exposures were also very repugnant. This is because instead of robust and
succulent thighs that would spark a riotous blood through the sexual veins of
any healthy man, who would be anxious to see what is hidden beyond the thighs,
what was exposed were coarse, rough, stretch-marked and mosquito bite-infested
The women in this breast terror, navel and thigh exposure
business lined up on the railway line. Both young and old women found
breast-pumping the new fad. From investigation, it appeared that any lady that
failed to expose her breast in very tempting manner could is seen as a deviant.
It is right to conclude that at Ijora Badia, breasts are on parade; there is a
breasts’ fair of a sort any time, any day and for any willing viewer. While
some displayed their wares in front of the make-shift wooden houses, others
step forward at the base of the rail to display theirs while pretending to be
recharge card sellers or phone call vendors.
Investigation revealed they have a ready and booming market in
the male folk of the community, who are mostly gamblers, drug addicts and
fraudsters. Fighting is not a novel occurrence in Ijora Badia neighbourhood.
Checks revealed that in Lagos State, the neighbourhood has the highest number
of brothels where deviant teenagers, who ran away from their parents’ homes,
find solace. The constellation of these young ladies, who have sold their souls
to sex, attracts criminals in the neighbourhood. They are belligerent, testy,
violent and can do anything, including stripping themselves naked to vent their
This reporter witnessed what could have been a live adult movie
when a teenager almost stripped herself naked. She was having a fierce argument
with a male folk beside one of the wooden cabins, while two other boys and
another lady encircled them. She walked briskly away from them to the pavement
of the rail line where she sat. But the roughneck would not let her be. He
followed her to that point and the girl in readiness for what would follow
picked up a big stone. But, before she knew what was happening, the man grabbed
her by the waist, raising her feet above the ground. When she eventually freed
herself from the man’s grip, she quickly pulled off her T-shirt, exposing her
breasts as she did so, because she wasn’t wearing a bra.
The breasts dangled dangerously and violently as she proceeded
to unzip and possibly remove her shorts, before the man left the scene. It
didn’t even bother her that at such a tender age her breasts had become flabby
and saggy. As soon as the man left, others prevailed on her to rescind her
action, which was to display her nakedness in broad daylight. As the drama was
unfolding, most people were not even interested; they carried on as if nothing
was happening. Further checks revealed that similar incidents are commonplace
in the neighbourhood.
However, the male folks are seen in clusters of 15 and 20,
looking rough and fierce, either drinking gin, smoking marijuana, playing ludo,
whot cards or draught games. They appeared so rough and fierce that one
actually must be very careful to stare at them. And because they engage in one
criminal activity or the other, they are always alert and know when a stranger
comes into the habitat. They are not like the women whose only trade is to
exchange their bodies for money with any willing man.
Men who live among the women in make-shift wooden houses stay
inside during the day, except when they want to enter town, but the ones living
separate in their own wooden cabins wander around in company of teenage girls.
Ijora Badia is not only about prostitution, gambling, hard drugs and alcohol
consumption. There are football viewing centres scattered all over the rail
line, just as there are film houses in the place. Like most European football
viewing centres in Lagos, you see signposts announcing which teams are playing.
You also see viewers patiently waiting for the kick-off time, but their
composition also leaves much to be desired.
They looked every inch like those earlier seen smoking and
drinking; a confirmation that football is a unifying force. Just as normal,
reasonable people enjoy it, so also the hoodlums do. Investigation revealed
that at the cinema centres adult films (blue films) are freely shown during the
day, while volume of the speakers is raised so that those outside can hear the
moaning sounds from porn films.
This reporter corroborated this finding when, on approaching one
of the film centres, a deep shrill, humming and moaning sound filled the air.
Every discerning ear would know that such sounds only come from a woman in deep
sexual intercourse with a man. However, in the midst of all these, carpenters
were busy nailing woods together, while hairdressers and barbers were equally
busy twisting and creeping through their customers’ hairs. Food vendors as well
as beer palour operators were all in this neighbourhood struggle to make ends


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