Secession threats mere noise, says Abdusalami


military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, said the country will not
break up despite the security challenges and agitations by various regions for
self-determination. He described the calls for secession as mere noise.
to reporters at the Government House, Makurdi, General Abdulsalami expressed
hope that the country will overcome her present challenges. He noted that
Nigerians have intermingled over a long period of time and lived with obvious
developmental challenges which would make it difficult for any break up.

to him, “This is not the first time I am saying this, all the secession threats
here and there with the security challenges are mere noise because we have
deeply intermingled; wherever you go you see Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Kanuris and
others so, there is nothing that can break up this country because God has
brought us together.”

added, “What everyone needs to do is support the federal government effort. If
you are talking about security then, who are the miscreants and where do they
live. They live among us, so we must play our part by reporting them to the
security agencies.”
lauded the effort so far made by President Goodluck Jonathan in key sectors
such as education, security and power and affirmed that these efforts will soon
be made manifest and some of the problems solved.
called on the elite to support President Jonathan through quality advise and
suggestions on how to keep Nigeria one because it is the responsibility of
every Nigerian to contribute to the development of the nation.
Abdulsalami described Governor Gabriel Suswam’s contribution to nation building
as unprecedented and expressed hope that with leaders like him, the country
will be better.
said, “I have followed your activities as a young legislator and now as
governor and what you have done to your state and country in general. We the
elders are proud that the country may never lack those who shall lead the
people politically.”
Suswam, on his part, described General Abdulsalami as the greatest Nigerian who
had an opportunity to hold on to power for a long time but organised an
election in nine months.
Source: The Nation


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