20 States Petition To Secede From US After Obama Re-Election


Some people are really having a difficult time facing the reality
of a Black president; so difficult in fact, citizens from 20 states and
counting have filed petitions at We The People on WhiteHouse.gov to be granted
permission to leave the union. The states include: Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky,
Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, Montana, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana,
Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida,
Georgia, New York, Arkansas and Oregon.

According to the terms of participation for “We
The People,” as of October 3, 2011, petitions that meet the listed criteria
become searchable on WhiteHouse.gov once and if they reach 150 signatures
within 30 days. If that is accomplished, for President Obama to actively
consider a petition, it must reach 25,000 signatures within the remainder of
the same 30 day period. The White House reserves the right to change the time
limit and number of signatures required. While there are several of the
president’s policies that one could object too, at heart he is a moderate
Democrat no more, no less.

Couple that with the fact that no other
president since Lincoln has spawned calls of secession, it’s clear that the
perceived “otherness” of President Obama is the reason for this sudden need to
leave the United States simply because the person in the White House is black

Via News One 


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