China Warns Citizens in Nigeria against Maltreating Employees

China, Director General of Information in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lu Shaye

The government of the Peoples Republic of China has warned its
citizens living and doing business in Nigeria and other parts of Africa against
ill-behaviour towards their employees, saying it will not condone any act
capable of tarnishing China’s image and simultaneously hampering the good
relations between the two countries.

Speaking during a session with
African jourmalists who are currently on a visit to China, Director General of
Information in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lu Shaye, said the
government was aware of the misdemeanours of some of its citizens towards their
employees in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, insisting that “we oppose such

Shaye who was responding to questions
by the delegation about the ill-behaviour of Chinese employees towards their
employers in the country, explained that the government was currently devising
ways of correcting such anomalies, adding that the government had warned its
citizens in all parts of Africa to treat peoples of their host countries with
respect, obey their rules and regulations and as well live in harmony with
According to Shaye who distanced
China and the government from “such acts, such attitudes are totally isolated
and doesn’t represent China’s attitude,” as he appealed to the African media to
assist the government of China in exposing any negative acts of Chinese
residents in their countries, emphasising that the media should report such
acts in a way that the relations between Africa and the country will not be
Further, he noted that “improper acts of some Chinese will also affect the
image of China in Africa. This deserves prompt attention. Chinese in African
countries should behave themselves and promote Chinese culture,” he warned.
In the same vein, Chinese Ministry of
Foreign Affairs has  appealed to African journalists to give better
coverage to events in China, regretting that much of what is known in Africa
about China is done through the Western media.
While promising that the government
will also ensure the coverage of Africa by Chinese media, the ministry pledged
government assistance to African journalists who are willing to cover China or
be resident in the country.
Source: Thisday


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