Colorado Man Charged with Threatening to Kill Obama


A Colorado man was charged on Tuesday in federal court with
threatening to kill U.S. President Barack Obama during an October campaign
visit, and court documents showed that he told investigators that he has had
daily homicidal fantasies for years.
Mitchell Kusick, 20, was ordered held
on a charge of making threats against the president pending a bond hearing in
U.S. District Court in Denver on Friday.
A U.S. Secret Service affidavit
unsealed on Tuesday also showed that Kusick, who was arrested on Friday,
“made credible threats and took steps” toward shooting and killing
children at a trick-or-treat Halloween event sponsored by a Denver-area high
school, reports Reuters.

“Kusick made statements about a
desire to kill people on Halloween and that he had been tracking President
Obama’s schedule so he can assassinate the President,” said the affidavit
by Secret Service Agent Melissa Blake.

Kusick apparently detailed his plans
to his mental-health therapist, who admitted him to a hospital and reported the
threats to police. Secret Service agents and police then interviewed Kusick in
the hospital, and he admitted to having daily “homicidal fantasies”
for five or six years.
Kusick told agents he was obsessed
with high-profile Colorado crimes, including the 1999 Columbine High School
massacre, the July suburban Denver movie theater rampage, and the murder and
dismemberment of a 10-year-old local schoolgirl.
Kusick, who said he was a student at
Colorado Mesa University, told authorities he wanted to go down in history as
the “guy who killed Obama,” although he thought the president was
doing a good job, the affidavit said.
He said nothing in court except,
“Yes, sir,” and “Yes, your honor,” when a magistrate judge
asked him if he understood the charge against him and his rights.
Authorities said that Kusick told
them he stole a gun from his aunt and uncle, but was unable to buy ammunition
for the weapon at a Walmart.
Kusick has not yet been charged in
state court for the Halloween threats, but he faces a maximum five years in
prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted on the federal charge.
A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s
Office for Colorado said Kusick had been in custody since his arrest on Friday.
The case was under seal until after he appeared in court on Tuesday.


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