Power-Drunk Lagos CP Walks Out PUNCH Reporter


State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Manko, on Tuesday ordered a
correspondent of The
 Kunle Falayi, out of the premises of the police
command headquarters, Ikeja. Manko
said a story published on Tuesday titled, ‘Guard shot by policemen in critical
condition’ was an attack on the integrity of the police.

you are the one who wrote this rubbish? Were you there when the policemen shot
the security guard? You people like to write rubbish,” he said.

CP then asked his orderly to walk the journalist out of the premises, saying
“make sure you follow him until he (Falayi) is out of this premises.”

journalist was at the command headquarters to carry out his legitimate duty of
reporting a press briefing to be addressed by Manko and the parade of some
alleged criminals.
journalists from other media organisations were allowed to cover the event.
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Mr. Tunde Shobulo, had earlier asked The PUNCHcorrespondent to identify himself
before the event started.
PUNCH Metro had on Monday
and Tuesday reported that a banker, Femi Badejo, and a security guard, Joshua
Musa, were shot by policemen who had responded to a distress call to foil a
robbery at the victims’ home in Ikota, Lagos on Saturday.
was reported that when the policemen got to the house they opened fire
indiscriminately on the residents, who were bemoaning their fate.
to the residents, the policemen arrived about one hour after the robbers had
was hit five times, while Musa was shot twice. Both are currently receiving
treatment in two different hospitals in the state.
Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, had said at the time, that the
policemen met Musa already shot on the premises, but admitted Badejo was shot
because the policemen thought he was one of the robbers.
the policemen were going to the house, an occupant of the house was
communicating with them on the phone, saying the robbers were still on the
premises. That is probably why they shot at the banker when they got to the
house,” she said.
the residents faulted her claim, saying they told the policemen many times that
they were occupants of the house.
said Badejo was shot after he had told the policemen that he was an occupant
and a victim.


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