Man Loses Penis To Olive Oil


Health officials on Friday
told Thai men size does not matter after a patient had to have his genitals
removed following a botched attempt to enlarge his penis by injecting olive oil
into the organ. The risky and unproven
method using the oil – although bees wax, silicone and even paraffin are often
also used – is common in Thailand with one Bangkok hospital receiving about 40
patients a month concerned about side-effects.

The 50-year-old man, whose
genitals were removed this week after he reported a severe infection, underwent
several olive oil injections over a number of years, a spokesperson for the
Bangkok-based Police General Hospital told AFP.

He was diagnosed with
cancer prompting the drastic surgery.
“This is the biggest
(genital) surgery we have ever done as we found cancer”, Sirikul
Jiaranaikhajorn said, adding normally the two or three patients they treat each
week suffer from infections only but there is no evidence that the procedure
causes cancer.
The man had the injections
done at a clinic and was accompanied by friends, she added, despite public
warnings that such penis enlargement methods are highly risky.
“It only brings bad
results — people misunderstand (that it works),” the spokeswoman said,
explaining men attempt the procedure after listening to friends.
“A woman will love a
man not because of the size,” she added.



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