60 Nigerians Deported From UK Over Contract Marriages, Visa Scams & Other Criminal Offences


It is being reported that at
least 60 Nigerians resident in the United Kingdom have been deported
because of various criminal offences. While some of the deportees had
contravened immigration rules, others were deported for their involvement
in crimes such as rape, stealing, smoking and selling of hard drugs. Some were
also deported because they  used fake visa or engaged in fake marriages.

Some of
the deportees at the airport said they had lived in the UK for long but could
not get residence permit. They narrated their experiences to PM
 and gave reasons
for their deportation.

Sunday, an indigene of Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, said that he lived in
UK for nine years but could not get residence permit. Sunday said he had
to engage in a contract marriage to get the permit but was later caught by the
British immigration, which deported him to Nigeria. He said he was not
allowed to take any of his possessions before he was deported, adding that it
was at the airport that he discovered other Nigerians were also
deported. Sunday explained that the British government made it difficult
for immigrants, especially Nigerians, to get residence permit, saying that they
didn’t plan to stay there illegally.
deportee, Daniel Uche, who hails from Enugu State, said that the global
economic meltdown has made it difficult to get jobs in the UK, thus many
Nigerians are struggling to survive. Uche said there are no jobs for
foreigners in UK, and to survive, many engage in shady businesses.
Peter Nkwocha from Delta State said he travelled to UK about seven years ago,
but he was arrested and later deported because he was wrongly accused of
rape. Though he said he denied the allegation, he was arrested and later
deported when the British authorities discovered he had a ‘contract’ marriage
during investigation.
their accounts, it is clear that they knew they had committed some offences –
staying in UK illegally without residence permit, having ‘contract’ marriages,
engaging in shady businesses and more. Isn’t it sad that Nigerians have to
resort to committing such crimes just because they want to live in foreign
countries such as the UK.


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