Media Should Stop Linking Terrorism To Islam – Sultan


“We believe that our religion is a peaceful one not a violent
one. But unfortunately some things have been happening are given the toga of
Islam, but which we still say no. These violent things that have been happening
are not Islam and they neither represent Islam nor Muslims. So, it is very
expedient for the media to uphold the true principles of objectivity and stop
associating these violent things to Islam or Muslims. They should disassociate
Islam from them, instead of calling the perpetrators Islamist terrorists they
should call them simply terrorists or criminals. I don’t think if a Christian
commits the same criminal act, he would be called a Christian terrorist. I
think terrorism should be terrorism irrespective of the faith of its
perpetrator. This is a very important issue but unfortunately the world is not
giving it much attention.
It is not right to give religious
toga to these evil things. The problem should be addressed not by stereotyping
a particular religion or its adherents. We should remove religious toga to this
criminality. All the Abrahamic religions teach and preach peace and mutual
co-existence. So, if someone wakes up one day and say I am doing this for my
religion, then I think he should be helped, by telling him that no, that is not
what our religion teach. He should be told that he is the terrorist and
criminal not the religion he claims to profess, no matter who he is.

In fact, I heard comments here from
the (Saudi) king, calling on United Nations to enact a law that will
criminalize abuse of religions and their personages.  This is true. These
(desecration) of religions sometimes get people annoyed. It is insulting to find
out that what you are doing, what you are preaching and what your religion is,
is not what those people are busy portraying in the media. As human beings, of
course, you feel sad and angry but also tolerance, patience are some of the
virtues we inherit as Muslims. We have to keep on calling for tolerance,
patience and understanding.
This is because we have to understand
ourselves, when you understand yourself; others should also understand you by
coming closer to you. But when you don’t understand somebody, how would you be
with him? But if you try to understand somebody, then you know who he is.
Therefore, reaching out to people and coming closer to them is very important.
If you don’t come closer to me, you won’t know how I behave. If you stay far away,
and keep on imagining this is what Sultan thinks, then you are just thinking
and imagining. But when you come to me, we share our food and drink, then you
will know this is how this man is and so on. So, tomorrow if we hear anything
negative about each other, we would say no, that is not correct. This is only
possible because we know each other. You can tolerate but when you understand
some one, then you are better equipped to handle such person.
For instance, if you understand
Christianity and somebody is doing something negative in its name, I would say
no, that is not Christianity. The same thing applies to Islam and Muslims. That
is why we keep on calling on people to understand Islam and Muslims. They
should separate the bad ones among us. Yes, they are Muslims, but what they may
be doing is not necessarily Islam. Someone will say but is he not a Muslim? Yes
he is, but Islam doesn’t instruct or teach him to do what he is doing that is
bad. And this thing applies to all religions and people. It is no secret that
Islam is a peaceful religion and it doesn’t preach violence”
Credit: Daily Trust.


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