Prezzo: Nigeria Is Now Home


He has been seen at a
number of social events in Lagos with Nigeria’s Pop Princess Goldie Harvey, but
Kenyan rapper and second runner-up at the last Big Brother Africa Star Game,
Prezzo has revealed plans to settle in Nigeria and build a career in the
nation’s fledgling entertainment industry.

Kenya trained and certified pilot turned rapper stated on Channels TV Sunrise
that “my purpose of visiting Nigeria is to broaden my musical career and work
with a couple of producers here.”

will be my second home from now on and I don’t want to feel like a tourist when
I come to Nigeria, so Nigeria will be home” he stated, adding that “fufu and
Eba makes one live longer and stronger” as he showed his reverence for Nigerian
local meals.
which city in Nigeria he will be settling, the Kenyan artiste who also sings in
Swahili said “most definitely in Lagos. I think Lagos is a beautiful place.”
just love the aggression of the people out there. I love the hustle” he stated
about the daily struggle of residents in Nigeria’s most populous city.
to him “Nigeria is the leader of Africa’s music industry and for me to achieve
my goal, I have to JFK” he said, defining JFK as – “Joining Forces with the
I have come to join forces with my Nigerian brothers and sisters” he added.
love the positive energy in Nigeria and I feel it is the kind of positive
energy I want to be part of.”
asked who his choice producers in Nigeria are, Prezzo replied “I am very
inspired by the Nigerian music industry as a whole. It is a big industry and I
am willing to work with anybody. I don’t need to use anybody as a stepping
musician also revealed plans to make a foray into Nollywood.
is expected to drop a single, on Monday ahead of his forthcoming album.
questioned on his famous relationship with Goldie, with whom he has being seen
at various events in Nigeria and abroad in recent weeks, Prezzo cheerfully
grinned saying “Goldie is busy. I have seen her just once since my arrival. ”
been very busy” he stated, adding that “Goldie is a beautifully person, both
inside and outside.”
had a stormy relationship with the Nigerian participant in the Big Brother
Africa House and that they have both evolved to be great friends since the
reality show ended.


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