You And Your Private Part


your private parts clean and well-groomed give you a fresh feeling that will
please both you and your partner. Most women often send me text messages asking
what they should do to stop the foul smell emitting from their below region.
Each of us has our own unique vaginal scent. You
know what yours is like. When it changes because of sweat or perspiration this
can create an offensive odour. This happens when perspiration comes in contact
with bacteria on your skin. For this type of odour antibacterial wipes or
washing this area with antibacterial soap and water should help.
This week, I would willingly offer tips on how
best you can take proper care of your private parts.

I recall when I was much younger.  I used to
go make my hair in a very popular salon back there at Fegge Onitsha, a
well-known area in Anambra State. It was mandated that we wear a new hair-do
every week but I would rather have mine for three weeks. You want to know why,
I was always subjected to the obnoxious odour oozing out between the thighs of
a very ‘sophisticated’ woman; that’s if you know what I mean.
In a bid to make my back hair, she would force my
face in-between her thighs and leave me gasping for life and fresh breath. It
was really a very devastating situation which could be avoided.
Lesson one- Don’t overuse cleansing products like
soaps or douching cream.
It a pity that not all ladies have heard about
these douching creams but for those who do, when you overuse them you can rinse
away healthy bacteria and the bad ones will take over.
Lesson two- Pubic hair grows to protect the vulva
area from sweat and dirt. Because of this most girls choose just to remove the
bikini line and trim the remaining pubic hair. As an important part of the
woman’s body, the vagina requires as much attention to hygiene as do other
parts of the body to help maintain overall good health. Unfortunately, since
the vagina is an embarrassing subject among many women, it is often neglected
of basic care.
Lesson three- To keep a healthy vagina you need to
minimize sugar intake, and maximize yogurt intake.
Yes, you might be wondering why yogurt? But the
simple truth is that the bacteria in your vagina are a certain type that is in
only a couple of foods that you can find in the grocery store. It just so happens,
though, that yogurt contains good bacteria called acidophilus, so it would be
very helpful if you minimize sugar, and maximize yogurt, sugar-free preferably.
Lesson four-keep yourself clean. Bath and shower
regularly, and try and keep “down there” as clean as possible, without using a
 Some ladies just get back home, manage to
have their dinner and off to bed. Their bathe is often not taken seriously. I
just wonder the male partners of such women manage at nights. What if the night
turned out to be a cold one; and he touched you here and there. You succumbed
and got in the mood too. The very-ready guy gently peels off your night wears,
then bend low to kiss his ‘home’ only to be pissed off by a hard stench. What a
bad night it would be.
Lesson five – When shaving, carefully trim all the
way around and under for a clean look. Use a pair of sharp scissors, and snip
away evenly to a length that suits you. Some people have taken to not shaving
the hair down there. If you and your partner favour this look, go for it!
Soak in a bathtub for a bit to soften the hair.
It’ll make it a lot easier to shave.
Note that when you shave, within a couple of days
it could get really itchy.
Hmm! I quite remember when I shaved a night to the
day I was scheduled to give a big presentation in a board meeting. Ha! It
wasn’t funny at all; I was just whining and dancing to the song and rhythm only
me understood. I will leave the rest to your imaginations.
Lesson six-If you are on your period, change your
pad or tampon regularly. Clean and rinse your vagina after removal and before
Keep your clean and unused undergarments in a
cool, dry place, and care for them well-make sure you dry them as soon as you
wash them. Otherwise, you risk your clothes smelling worse than you (did).
Well, I guess after reading this a lot of ladies
would thank me for opening their eyes to better private part hygiene.
Credit: Sextacy With Chichi 


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