Longest Coma Patient Ever Passes Away After 42 Years


world’s longest coma patient, a Miami woman who had been called the ‘Sleeping
Snow White’ during the 42 years she remained comatose, has died at the age of
O’Bara was a cheery high school student in 1970 when she suddenly fell ill,
threw up her medicine and slipped into a diabetic coma.
before she became comatose she turned to her mother and pleaded with her to
‘promise … you won’t leave me.’

mother stayed true to her word, enduring a grueling schedule to constantly stay
near her daughter until the mother died five years ago and the woman’s sister
became her primary care giver – until Edwarda passed away on Wednesday.

a popular 16-year-old, Edwarda had a bright future ahead of her but then she
became ill with a severe bout of pneumonia.
the early hours of January 3 in 1970, she ‘woke up shaking and in great pain
because the oral form of insulin she had been taking wasn’t reaching her blood
stream,’ according to her family.
was rushed to hospital and as she lay in her bed, she turned to her mother,
Kaye O’Bara, and pleaded with her to stay near.
me you won’t leave me,’ the teen begged her mother, according to the Miami
O’Bara assured daughter, ‘Of course not. I would never leave you, darling,’
having no idea of the long ordeal ahead.
mother kept that promise, taking care of her daughter, until Kaye O’Bara
herself died five years ago.
more than 35 years, Kaye O’Bara remained constantly by Edwarda’s bedside,
enduring a grueling schedule to give her daughter around the clock care.
She would only sleep for 90 minutes at a time, so she would always be
accessible to her daughter.
devoted mother would not institutionalize Edwarda, even though the financial
burden became a great challenge to the family.
Kaye died at the age of 80 on March 7, 2008, she never gave up hope that her
daughter would one day wake up from her coma.
father, Joe, had passed away in 1977. He died from a heart attack, believed to
have been brought on by the strain of caring for his ailing daughter.
their mother’s passing, Edwarda’s sister Colleen stepped in and continued the
tradition to offer constant care to Edwarda at her home in Miami Gardens.
quit her previous job as a horse trainer to care full time for her sister.
didn’t give it a second thought. She’s my sister,’ Colleen O’Bara said, ‘and I
love her.’
part of her care, her body was turned every two hours to keep away bedsores,
she was given insulin and fed through a tube.
would also lovingly braid her sister’s grey hairs, suck the mucus from
Edwarda’s throat to allow her to breath and constantly speak to her sister,
assuming Edwarda was soaking up her every word.
mixes baby food, milk, eggs, orange juice, Mazola oil, brewer’s yeast and a
piece of white bread into a blender and then a wire mesh strainer, pouring the
concoction into Edwarda’s feeding tube every two hours, day and night.
She suctions mucus from Edwarda’s throat, whispers endearments in her ear and
braids her long gray hair.
 Source: UK Mail


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