chairman of Ejigbo Local Council Development Authority, Lagos State, Kehinde
Bamigbetan, who was recently released from kidnappers, said he was tortured
when he told his abductors that he did not have the $1 million they demanded as
who spoke on Sunday at his residence at Ona Iwa Mimo Street, Ejigbo, said he
had the premonition of his kidnap before the incident.
to a crowd of people that gathered at his home to celebrate with him, the
released council boss said he could not eat the first few days after he was
kidnapped, as they refused to give him anything to eat.

“I woke
up on Monday morning with a strong premonition that something was going to
happen. I couldn’t place how it would happen or why or when. I was already
day, I didn’t leave home until 2.00 p.m because I was wondering whether I
should step out or not, considering my strong premonition.
“I had
two events: I had a dommunity development association tour and a meeting with
the chairmen of CDAs. It was for those two reasons I had to be at the council
secretariat. I was there and the two events held.
“By the
time we finished, it was about 7.00 p.m. I realised that I had two appointments
on the Island. I went for the assignments and by 9.00 p.m, I had finished.
because of that fear, I decided that I should change my route. I usually come
in through Western Avenue, Lawanson and then through Surulere, but this time, I
chose to come in through Ikotun. As I was entering my street, I was still
thinking that may be I was making too much out of nothing. Suddenly, this
vehicle came and double crossed us.
first reaction was for us (I and my driver) to reverse, but they came out and
started shooting the vehicle. The vehicle got stuck while we tried to escape.
They caught up with me and ordered me into the vehicle. For about four hours,
we kept driving.
“We got
to a place and they then blindfolded me and led me into a room. They asked me
who the closest person to me was, I said my wife. They asked me to call her and
told her that if she wanted to save me, we should pay $1 million,” he said.
to him, after his wife could not offer how they would get the money, they cut
off the phone and began to torture him.
said a lot of people said I was a good man and then when the newspapers started
writing the reports, they said everyone was talking so well of me and I must be
a good man,” he added.
Source: Tribune


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