The Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) has denied a report that it administers the budgetary allocations of the nations’ defence funding.
A statement by the spokesman of the NSA, Karounwi Adekunle, said the attention of the ONSA has been drawn to a false and misleading story published in a national magazine alleging that defence funding is being administered by the NSA.
Adekunle quoted the article as saying, “for some years now defence funds have been under the management of the National Security Adviser, NSA, instead of the Ministry of Defence where the funds were traditionally administered.”
“We state, clearly and unambiguously, that ONSA is separate from MOD in all budgetary affairs. The ONSA defends its budgets before the National Assembly and MOD does for its own,” spokesman of the NSA stated.
He added that, “All budgetary provisions are clearly spelt out and within the public domain. ONSA has no responsibility for military personnel’s salaries and allowances, capital projects or otherwise.”
“All are within the domain of MOD. So how can ONSA be accused of managing defence funds? We request that, any allegation from any source about ONSA, please recourse be made to the NSA for his own side of the story before publishing as in this case where ONSA is blamed outright with no right of its side being heard,” Adekunle stated.
Source: Daily Trust


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