Seeks alternative S’South candidate
OPPOSITION leader and former Governor of Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa has advised President Goodluck Jonathan to drop his ambition to run for the Presidency in 2015 and save the nation from further crisis.
Musa also added , “the North should also forget the ambition of insisting on the presidency in 2015, rather a credible President for the country should be allowed to emerge from the South-South in 2015 to replace Jonathan.”
Musa spoke on Tuesday on the insecurity in the country, the abduction of Chibok girls and the conduct of the 2015 polls however, maintained that if the government fails to arrest the present deteriorating security situation and the Boko Haram terrorism intensifies, it will make no sense to conduct election under such acondition.
The National Chairman of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), also faulted the circumstances surrounding the abduction of the Chibok girls, who are under the custody of Boko Haram, saying that “ the issue has been so cloudy as to make one to believe that between 200 to 300 female students could be kidnapped in Chibok at the same time and in a convoy of Boko Haram without being interrupted by the military at any checkpoint.”
“Then later the story came that 50 of the girls escaped among the total number of those abducted. Some of us believe that some of these things may be staged-managed. Remember that there was a time President Jonathan said that Boko Haram members are in his government and that he knows those who are behind the group.”
But, Musa argued that since the President made the pronouncement, “he had never come out with names of those behind such unpatriotic acts or those using the insurgents to sabotage his government.”
This crisis situation, Musa remarked has only pointed to “one thing in justifying the invitation of foreign troops to the country and also in wanting to further the political agenda of the government for 2015.”
“We should be careful in this country. This was how it started in Iraq when the America went there to pursue an imaginary enemy under the pretext of searching for weapons of mass destruction, only to find out that there was nothing like that. Today, that country is still in ruins and has not recovered and America is still there protecting their own interest.”
In the case of Nigeria, Musa said, it is either the current Boko Haram insurgency was “an act sponsored by Jonathan’s government to divert attention of Nigerians that he should not contest the 2015 and now invite the international forces to provide military cover.”
“Otherwise, how do we explain a situation whereby the President who has enormous power to deal decisively with this level of insurgency cannot mobilize military power to crush the Boko Haram violence. The military were on duty when several numbers of students were taken away in a long convoy of Boko Haram without being stopped and the students rescued? This is really unbelievable.”, he added
Source: Guardian


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