… Says 2015 is settled
As Nigerians cel¬ebrate Democracy Day today, Chair¬man of Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih, has said the fact that PDP has been in the saddle since 1999 was a demonstration of Nigerians love for the party.
In his message, ‘Nigeria is stronger than it has ever been’, the former Works Minister stated that his party’s control of the Federal Government was a great privilege and a momentous undertaking.
He further declared that the PDP would rule beyond 2019.
“May 29, 2014 marks 15 years since Nigeria returned to democracy. I congratulate all Nigerians on this important occasion, especially since our nation is now well into its lon¬gest running democratic dis¬pensation since independence in 1960.
“This year’s Democ¬racy Day falls within a pe¬riod when, arising from the scourge of terrorism, some people question the strength of our democracy and unity.
“Without hesitation, I as¬sure all Nigerians that, despite the challenges we are facing today, Nigeria is stronger than it has ever been.
“Let me express how grate¬ful we, in the Peoples Demo¬cratic Party, are to our fellow compatriots that they have entrusted our great party with steering the ship of state since our nation’s return to democ¬racy in 1999. “It has been a great privilege and a momen¬tous undertaking.
“And though, as with all human endeavours, we have had differences with our fel¬low citizens on the other side of the political divide, our ongoing democratic journey is proof that the PDP contin¬ues to faithfully discharge its foremost duty to our country, which is sustaining a stable, functional and democratic state.”
The chairman of PDP BoT also enunciated democratic gains under the ruling party to include total freedom of expression, a liberalised econ¬omy, non-interference in judi¬cial, legislative and electoral matters.
Source: Sun


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