The Niger State government has dislodged over 200 members of a radical and controversial Islamic sect, Nibrassiya Huda Islamic Sect from Chechei, Lapai Local Government Area of the state.
At the secret site on Wednesday, the leader of the Hamdala Mibassiya sect, Sheik Mohammed Abubakar, with over 200 members said the members of the sect had come together only for the purpose of learning more of Islam and without any other motive.
However, the leader of a Special Task Force set up by the State government to dislodge the sect, Lieutenant Colonel Adamu Yakubu, explained that the dislodgement was purely a security measure.
The sect occupied an expanse of land along a busy Lapai Gulu Road but not many people know about the existence of this Islamic sect.
Mr Abubakar, however, wondered why the security agents raided their abode, claiming that their existence is known by the government and security agencies.
He also disassociated the group from any link with the dreaded Boko Haram sect.
“We acquired this place to propagate Islam. We wrote it in the statement of acquisition and the Certificate of Occupancy of the land that we want to acquire the land solely for propagation of Islam, farming and establishment of school, that’s all.
“We do not recognise Boko Haram because they do not want peace in the country, they don’t want people to have rest, they have no aim or policies and they just want to destroy people. We don’t follow their steps. If we do, God would have destroyed us because you do not propagate evil with God’s name, We are well known all over the world,” Mr Abubakar said.
Lieutenant Colonel Yakubu told reporters that the task force was at the secret camp to enforcement an order to dislodge the sect.
“We are packing their property and thereafter, this place will be demolished. We are going to secure they place for several weeks as would be required so that nobody comes to inhabit the place again,” Lieutenant Colonel Yakubu said.
This could just be a mere security measure as many say the north eastern states would not be in extreme state of insecurity if the battle against Boko Haram had been launched much earlier.
Source: Channels TV


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