President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday claimed that there are some anti-democratic forces in the country working hard to truncate the 2015 general election.
He made the claim while speaking at the All-Political Parties Summit at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, organized by the office of the Special Adviser on Inter-Party Affairs, Senator Ben Obi.
The President urged Nigerians not to allow such forces to exploit the weaknesses in the system to perpetrate their evil desires.
He said: “There are still very remorseless anti-democratic forces operating in the political system, ever ready to exploit lapses in the management of our political and electoral processes.
“Some of these forces may indeed during the forthcoming elections as their lifestyle truncate the nation’s hard won democratic liberty.
“But dear compatriots, with respect to the 2015 elections in particular and our journey as a nation in general, we must never allow these negative forces to prevail.”
Also noting that the conduct and utterances of leading politicians are raising tension in the country, he said the current security situation in Nigeria would better be addressed by a united political class.
“The current national political outlook with regards to inter party collaboration is less than salutary. Indeed, the conduct and utterances of leading politicians at home and abroad are rapidly creating and spreading unnecessary tension in the country.
“Such unguarded utterances on their part fester the embers of discord, bitterness and rancour. Such unfortunate development plays into the hands of extremist elements waging a vicious campaign of terror against the state.
“The recent mindless bombings and killings of innocent Nigerians in the FCT, Jos, in Plateau State; the killings in Adamawa State including that of the traditional rulers as well as the heartless criminal abduction of over 200 school girls from Chibok, are better addressed by a political class united in its commitment to defend the polity irrespective of political differences.
“We must never politicize the fundamentals and core imperatives of defending the state. Doing so can only embolden the terrorists and other enemies of our republics who will seek to employ any perceived political and social division for their nefarious ends.”
“We must never give them such opportunity. Our political parties must remain positive and constructive in their engagements as we seek to build virile and stable nation that can compete with other states in the world,” the President added.
According to him, the summit provided the opportunities for political parties and politicians to reflect and review the possible consequences their actions, conducts and utterances in the recent past have had and will have on Nigeria’s polity and corporate existence.
Source: The Nation


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