A National Leader of the All Progressives Congress(APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, yesterday said the emergence of the party has shown that commonsense revolution is already in Nigeria.
He said the formation of APC was meant to liberate the nation and not for personal desires of the leaders of the party.
Tinubu, who addressed thousands of delegates at the National Convention of the party in Abuja asked Nigerians to vote for change in 2015 by backing APC.
He said: “The broom revolution is here. Tonight is an history-making night.
“We are gathered here not because of our personal desires or our personal wishes to occupy offices. All of you here have been here since morning. You have been going through accreditation procession. You travelled far and wide and you have become part of a commonsense revolution.
“Commonsense revolution is to fight insecurity, mismanagement, unemployment, hopelessness, the abduction of our children, failure of government and the president.
“For our children, 250 of them, to still be in captivity, is a shame to all of us. We are experiencing the biggest failure, ineptitude, incompetence and bad governance. Are you going to continue with that? Are you ready for that change?
“The change has arrived here. The storm is here but this is not a storm of disaster, it is a storm of positive change. And that change is APC. It is a positive change for a better, united Nigeria.”
Tinubu asked Nigerians to ignore aspersions being cast on APC leaders and attempt to promote religious divide nationwide.
He added: “They started to polarise us , to divide us between religions. Tell them, no; it is not possible. Hunger knows no religion, poverty knows no religion.
“They tried to brand us as extreme leaders. They don’t have positive ideas to offer; they have emotional lies to offer. That is why they make excuses. They make distinction between religions. We are children of the same father. The same blood is running in our veins.
“You cannot use incompetence to deceive Nigerians. We are not pocket-pickers. Why should you waste our pension funds of which millions of it are missing? Are you ready to continue with that? They said barrels of crude oil are missing, are you ready to continue with that?
“Our youths are very hungry and unemployed. They gathered them in National Stadium and picked their pockets and tore their emotions. Are they not a party of racketeers if they take money from the unemployed?
“Instead of creating joy, instead of pitying them or helping them to lessen the burden of their parents, what did they do? They increased the burden of their parents. Are you ready to continue with that? That is why we gathered here tonight
“It is not about Bola Tinubu. It is not about Gen. Muhammadu Buhari or Atiku Abubakar. It is not about Bisi Akande. It is not about Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso
“We are here to give Nigerians hope that the change has come.”
He insisted that the merger of all opposition parties would bring hope to Nigerians.
He said: “We have made history; what they said is impossible as a merger of parties has been done.
“We have merged and I want to use the word of my friend that with brooms in our hands, we can carry out the revolution. Your broom is a broom of revolution to sweep failures, corruption, insecurity and to bring hope back.”
Source: the Nation


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