SOUTH-EAST governors were in the State House, Abuja on Monday, on a solidarity visit to President Goodluck Jonathan, expressing their support for him in the effort to tackle insurgents in parts of the country.
The Anambra State governor, Mr Willie Obiano, who spoke on behalf of others, allayed the fear of people in the South-East over possible Boko Haram terrorists’ attack on the area, following the discovery of explosives in a church in Owerri at the weekend.
He assured that government of the states in the South-East were at alert and were confident that the states are a no-go area for the Boko Haram.
Asked if he was concerned about terrorists’ threat on the zone, he said: “No, they can’t get here; I can assure you of that. We will not allow that to happen.
“I can’t tell you in any material detail about bombs found or not found. All I can assure you is that we are very alert in the South-East and we are watching what is going on. I can assure you that the Boko Haram cannot come to the South-East.”
The governors, including Theodore Orji (Abia), Sullivan Chime ( Enugu), Martin Elechi ( Ebonyi) and Willie Obiano (Anambra) met with the president behind closed door and at the end of the meeting,Obiano told State House correspondents that they were there to show support for the president.
He observed that Jonathan was under pressure from different quarters and rather than cooperating with him in an effort to solving the nation’s problems, people were making his job more difficult.
“The South-East governors came this morning to assure him that we are with him all the way and that he can count on us,” he said.
On erosion ravaging the region, the governor remarked that efforts were underway to solve the problem with the involvement of the World Bank and the enactment of relevant laws.
He also revealed plans to outlaw bush burning in Anambra State in particular, in order not to expose land to the ravages of erosion.
According to him, “the World Bank with the state government are working on a lot of erosion sites already.
“They have expanded the four erosion sites they are working on currently to 12. So, they are adding eight more erosion sites.
“I believe that this intervention, which is 50/50 per cent contribution, will go a long way in helping to tackle the erosion sites we have in the state.”
Source: Tribune


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