• Pays £5000 bail fee, may be jailed if found guilty
• Denies allegation
Immediate past governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, was recently arrested by the Metropolitan Police in Britain and charged with battery after he allegedly beat up his wife, Yemisi in their luxury London home. The governor was however quick to deny on social media that he was at peace with his wife as no such incident occurred.
But according to reports, the Metropolitan Police Domestic Violence Office booked Governor Suswam into its London detention center for several hours last week and a judge set a £5,000 bail bound for him before he was released. Police arrested the embattled Governor Suswam in his luxury London home after they received a distress 999 call from his wife Yemisi, the former first lady of Benue State.
Mrs Suswam was said to have told a dispatcher over the phone that she feared for her life after being physically assaulted by her husband over a heated argument relating to Suswam’s mistress (names withheld.) One family source told the police that Suswam hit Yemisi severally and inflicted injuries on her.
Apparently, Mrs. Suswam was unhappy with mistress’s alleged increasing influence on her husband and matters eventually came to a head. Battery is an offence in the UK under the Persons Act of 1861 and Suswam faces a prison term not exceeding six months if found guilty.
One close family source revealed that the British Police are prevailing on Mrs Suswam to press charges against her husband who is in the habit of abusing her regularly.
If Mrs. Suswam decides to press criminal charges against her husband, the former governor risks going to jail under the UK Criminal Justice Act of 1988.
However, in a swift reaction via his official Facebook account, the former governor called on the general public to disregard the rumour, saying that there’s no iota of truth in the story.
“Dear friends, my attention has been drawn to news making rounds on social media that I was arrested in London last week. That report is full of mischief and aimed at slandering me and my dear wife. Disregard any news about a squabble between me and my dear wife. We’re fine, enjoy your day. Thank you. GTS,” he wrote.
-Nigerian Pilot


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