IN light of recent 30-day assessment of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon has warned Nigerians against rushing the current leadership.
Speaking exclusively with the Nigerian Tribune, in Ibadan, Gowon noted that the media being awash with many questioning Buhari on his first 30 days was unnecessary.
He based his warning on the fact that rushing the leadership could result in haphazard and wrong actions being carried out by the incumbent leadership whereby Nigerians would be the losers.
According to Gowon, solving the problems bedeviling the country required some time. He, therefore, beckoned on Nigerians to give the leadership time to deal with some of the problems in a rational manner.
However, he noted the duty of Nigerians to be responsible and make government accountable but held that it should be gradual.
“Give him a chance. You cannot solve any problem within two or three days. People say they want a change but as far as the problem of Nigeria is concerned, you cannot do it in one day, in one month. It will take time before a lot of these changes would be done and done effectively.”
“Let us give Buhari the chance to do things in the proper way to be able to get a good result. I have read it in some papers where people question him that in 30 days nothing has been done. It is unnecessary.”
“They criticised me when I was Head of State that the civil war was taking too long. I said, Yes, do they know some of the problems that are involved in dealing with some of those problems?”


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