CJN: South-South Govs Holds Emergency Meeting Sunday


The South-South Governor’s Forum has scheduled an emergency meeting of the Forum for Sunday.

A statement by the Special Adviser, Media Relation’s to the Governor òf Bayelsa State, Fidelis Soriwei, said among other things deliberation would feature the recent development involving the Chief Justice of the Federation.

Also to be deliberated at the meeting would be the security òf the Niger Delta, during and after the elections, and the issue of derivation.

Expressing his opinion at the development in the Supreme Court, Governor Dickson said that while he was yet to know the full details surrounding the developments at the Supreme Court concerning the CJN, it is a grave and dangerous escalation coming a few weeks to the general elections.

He said that the South-South governors would address a press conference after the meeting to convey the position of the zone to the Nigerian public.

Governor Dickson said that all hands must be on the deck to prevent the subversion and desecration òf the ethos of democracy as the nation moves nearer to the election.


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