Presidency: Evil Doers Will Be Defeated


The presidency yesterday reassured Nigerians that criminals engaging in various crimes threatening the nation’s security would be severely defeated soon.

Giving the reassurance in a statement, the president’s spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina, said despite the increasing surge of criminal activities in recent times, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari remained committed to rescuing the country from the jaws of criminal elements.

According to him, in a matter of a moment, perpetrators of heinous crimes would be overthrown and their temporal moment of victory would be turned to gloom.

He said: “It is the constitutional duty and responsibility of government to safeguard lives and property.

“The Buhari administration remains committed to this, and despite recent spikes in the spate of crime and criminality, the evildoers will be beaten, and badly, too.

“The ravening clouds can never be victorious. Soon, they shall no longer possess the sky.”

The president’s mouth-piece, who admitted that these are challenging moments for Nigeria, reiterated that the federal government would deploy all within its reach to rid the nation of criminal activities and simultaneously restore sanity to the country.

“These are no doubt times of great security challenges for our country, and the President  Buhari-led government is not leaving any stone unturned to restore sanity and calm,” he added.

Adesina then proceeded to highlight various military and police operations embarked upon by security agencies since January this year.

According to him, such operations have led to either the destruction or arrest of various criminals, including bandits and kidnappers from their hideouts.

He also said through such operations, hundreds of captives had been freed.

Adesina listed such operations to include: Operation Puff Adder by the Nigeria Police, Operation Harbin Kunama and Exercise Egwu Eke III by the Nigerian Army as well as Operations Diran Mikiya and Sharan Daji by the Nigerian Air Force.


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