Buhari: We’ll Name, Shame All Corrupt Persons


President Muhammadu Buhari has unveiled new strategies for fighting corruption in the country, saying all those who engage in corrupt practices would be named and shamed.


Buhari while speaking during the National Democracy Day anti-corruption summit in Abuja, he said they will adopt and formulate the policy of ‘naming and shaming’ all those who engage in corrupt practices while encouraging and honouring those who do not.


He said they are taking stock of progress made so far in the war against corruption, assessing what needs to be done and devising new strategies to address existing challenges. “I am pleased to inform you that this process has already started with the recent interaction between the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption and all anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria,” he said.


He said the outcome of the interaction, among others, shall serve as the basis for a more concerted effort by his administration to strengthen the capacity of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other anti-corruption agencies by providing additional material, organisational and logistical support.


The president said they’ll close existing legislative loopholes, facilitate collaboration with the judiciary, and strengthen the criminal justice system. He said they will also enforce effective asset declaration by public office holders and ensure sanctions by professional bodies against lawyers, bankers, brokers, public officials, and other individuals facilitating corrupt practices.


The president regretted that the recent political experiences have been characterized by the corrupting influence of money on party politics and electioneering processes. “This unwholesome practice has dire consequences on our nations, in subverting the exercise of free choice by voters, elevated corrupt and unprincipled individuals to positions of leadership and entrenching the structures of democracy devoid of accountability. Buhari said uncontrolled electoral spending and voter inducement by politicians must be combated to consolidate true democracy and good governance.


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