Second republic governor of old Kaduna state and chieftain of the Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, Alhaji Balarabe Musa has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to probe the source of wealth of chieftains of the All Progressives Party, APC, that sponsored his election to reassure Nigerians that he is ready to tackle corruption.
Speaking during an interview with the Nigerian Pilot Sunday, Balarabe Musa said it is mischievous for any member of any of the political parties to be pointing accusing fingers in the direction of other parties as corruption is pervasive in all political parties and facet of the society.
He said it is impossible for anyone to spend several billions on presidential or governorship campaign without part of the funds coming from what is stolen from the public treasury.
“We know what we are talking about on credibility. Look, corruption has reached its peak in Nigeria. Virtually every Nigerians survive on some form of corruption or the other, knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly.
“Now, the situation is that election in Nigeria can never be free and fair because the deciding factor in politics and election is stolen money factor.
“You have to spend money stolen from public funds to be relevant in the political party and to contest and win any election or defend the election victory. Now, how can there be free, fair and transparent election in Nigeria?
“We have estimated that for anybody to contest for the Presidency with the hope of succeeding, one has to spend at least N50billion. For a governor, at least N10billion, for Senate N1 billion, member of the House of Representative at least N200 million, member of State House of Assembly and Local Government Chairman at least N100 million naira and anything up to N400 million naira respectively.
“You have to spend that money from your own unearned income or unearned income of someone who is sponsoring you. Under this circumstance, can there be a free, fair and transparent election?
“And if you want to root out corruption in this country, you have to take that into consideration and you have to probe everyone and everything.
“I know people say it will take this government half the time doing nothing but probing. But it is worth it, it is better to spend two (2) years largely only probing and set things right after 2 years than to continue like this.
“For instance, if we have done the right thing five years ago, we wouldn’t have been bogged down with the present situation whereby you cannot win any election unless you are a thief.
“From Local government to Presidency, the amount required for campaigning can only come from somebody that has stolen public funds or somebody who rely on somebody who has stolen public funds.”
Responding to question on the possible involvement of APC members whose campaign was based on anti-corruption war; the elder statesman said no political party in Nigeria can win the presidency without stolen public money.
“Any party, even my party the People Redemption Party, PRP has to use stolen money to win the Presidency in Nigeria. Well, the question is where can we get that? Yes we can’t get that so let’s rule that out. But those who can will have to use it.
“During the 2015 general elections, APC must have used as much money as PDP used or even more. And it is not surprising because just as the PDP have Governors and President, so had the APC.
“So, if the President wants to clean up and succeed, he has to probe everyone and everything, there is no time limit, he said
-Nigerian Pilot


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