Ruth Uche, the mother of three sets of twins abandoned by her husband, said the man needs to return home and take care of his children. 

How did you get the idea of taking your children to the Governor’s Office? Were you advised to do so?
Nobody advised me to go to the Governor’s Office. When I went to the health centre for ante-natal, a woman saw me and pitied my condition. I told her what I have been going through and she promised to assist me by taking me to the Governor’s Office provided I am willing to do that. She felt I could be assisted there.
Thereafter, she gave me her phone number. I later called her and we agreed to go there on a particular day. At the agreed date, I called her repeatedly before I left home so as to inform her I was on my way but her phone was not going through. Despite this, I left home with my six children and headed to the secretariat, Alausa, hoping that I will run into her.
I took the initiative because I could no longer cope with the situation we are in. After wandering on the premises for some minutes without seeing the woman, I became dejected and was crying. A mobile policeman noticed and approached me to find out what the problem was.
After I had explained my predicament, he decided to take me round some offices within the secretariat and explained my plight to the workers. A lot of them gave me money. Some journalists also saw me as the man was taking me ground. They interviewed me and I think it was their publication that made the governor to be aware about my plight.
Were you aware that you were carrying twins when you were pregnant?
Yes! I had a scan which revealed that I was carrying twins.
Considering that you already had two sets of twins, what was your reaction when you saw the result?
I was dejected. I said to myself ‘twins again. After how many twins?’
Do you have twins’ lineage in your own family or your husband’s?
There are twins in my family, my husband is a twin, my father is a twin and my uncle’s wife also gave birth to twins twice.
So, you were not surprised when you had your first set of twins?
I was not surprised.
Was there any secret behind your having three sets of twins?
Although my husband has twins in his family, if I had not married him, I would still have had these sets of twins. I had my first menstrual period at the age of 13. Two weeks after it, I had another one. Even though I was not experienced at that time, I knew it was strange to menstruate twice within two weeks. I told my mother about this strange discovery. She cried and thought I had been raped. But I told her nobody raped me. She confided in a friend who advised her to take me to a native doctor. The native doctor allayed my mother’s fear and told her it was a sign that there would be twins among my children whenever I start procreating. However, I did not know that I will give birth to three sets of twins. After giving birth to these present twins my doctor warned me not to conceive again because the chances are that I may still give birth to another set of twins.
What is your plan on the doctor’s advice?
Immediately I delivered these twins I asked the medical doctor to seal my womb so that I cannot become pregnant again. I don’t want my children to go through what I went through in life.
Have you heard from your husband?
My husband ran away because of our living condition. He could not cope with the suffering. Since then, I have neither seen nor heard from him. I am using this medium to call on him to return home. I want Nigerians to please appeal to him to come back and take care of his children. Since he left home, my children have been asking after their father’s whereabouts.
Did anybody contact you from your home state?
Yes, someone called me from Imo State and informed me that the governor asked him to get my details after reading my story in a newspaper. I thank the Lagos State Government for what they have done for me and my family.


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