The newly redeployed Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), Zone II, Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu yesterday said he was posted to Lagos State because of the general elections. He described the polls as the “greatest of all police assignments.”
Addressing senior policemen at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, and later journalists, Mbu said he was in Lagos to ensure that the elections would be the freest and fairest one ever witnessed.
According to him, he has handled many elections and they had always been adjudged the best. Acknowledging the debate and speculation that his redeployment to Lagos has sparked, Mbu said he and his men would “shame prophets of doom,” by conducting a fantastic election.
He said: “I have no right to challenge my posting. That’s why I’m here today. I know that everyone is jittery. Police are saying, Ha, be careful and dress well and civilians are saying ‘the man like trouble.’ But you can see me here today; I’m as meek and harmless as anything. I’m here in Lagos at the most critical period in the history of Nigeria, not just me, but all police officers.
“Let’s work and disappoint our critics who are saying Mbu came to Lagos with an ulterior motive. How can we disappoint them? By making sure we take part and ensure that the presidential election will be free and fair and above all, peaceful.” He urged police officers on election duty to be impartial, stressing that if they fail, it will warrant demotion or outright dismissal and that if they succeed in ensuring a well conducted election, they may be elevated.
“This is the greatest assignment. Let’s disappoint prophets of doom and be impartial. Prepare yourself for the election and be serious. Keep to the Code of Conduct of the Police, if anything is going wrong in your polling booth, film it,” he stated. He said the best way to avoid violence was for the policemen to do their work well, adding that, “if underage voters come, disqualify them.
Police don’t rig election and would not touch election figures. The police are to observe and prevent evil because evil breeds violence.” He also instructed his men to arrest any politician who comes in convoy to the polling booth. He said he and his men were impartial umpires and that those alleging he came to Lagos for nefarious purposes would be disappointed.
“I’m not an electoral officer. Do I look like someone who can harm anybody? All Commissioners of Police have been directed to mop up small arms in circulation,” he said.
Source: New Telegraph


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