Chairman of President Muhammadu Buhari‘s Transition Committee Malam Ahmed Joda has said he is under intense pressure from politicians and contractors and seeking appointments and other favours in the All Progressives Congress (APC) new government.
In an exclusive interview yesterday in Kaduna with Daily Trust, the elder statesman said people looking for political appointments in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government have been disturbing him.
Joda, who led the Buhari’s 19-member transition committee, submitted its report last week in Abuja.
He said the committee was approached by many politicians, contractors as well as interest groups with various lobbying for one appointment, contract or other special favours. 
“There were several of people coming to us. People who wanted contracts, or special favours and they came to me day and night. And I said to them these are my terms of reference. They don’t contain issues like award of contracts or recovery of bad debts from governments or employment of any group of people or individuals. These are not part of our terms of reference,” he said.
He explained further thus: “I think it was deliberately made not to be part of our terms of reference but we continue to receive them. But the fact is that I cannot appoint a minister, board chairman or whatever. But they said look you have influence on General Buhari and I said no I don’t have. And even if I had, I don’t think he would respect me if I all I do for him is to carry files of papers and meet him and say employ this man, that woman and these people.
“But people keep on telephoning me. One person telephoned me and said he wanted to vie for a position of minister of sports, and I said to him that I don’t know the address at which to send it (the appointment letter). That is all,” he said.
He said despite that people are still calling him, sending emails and text messages as well as besieging his residences in Abuja, Yola and Kaduna – all looking for ministerial, ambassadorial or board or parastatal appointments.
“People keep on telephoning me lobbying for one appointments or the other. People approached me in Abuja, Kaduna and Yola. I received dozens of resumes everyday, some even send them through e-mail. But the truth is that I don’t influence anything. I can’t do anything for anybody,” he said.
-Daily Trust


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