Contrary to the speculations that Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State may be on his way to the All Progressives Congress, APC, Lamido is not ready to leave the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, ahead of this month’s polls,Daily Sun can authoritatively reveal.
Lamido and his long-time ally, Rotimi Amaechi, who is the Rivers State governor and the Buhari Presidential Campaign Director-General, had met behind closed doors, at the weekend in Dutse, the Jigawa State capital.
But details of what transpired at the meeting between the duo were never made public, as both men refused to speak to the Press on the visit, thus fuelling speculation that it may be in preparation for Lamido’s eventual defection to the APC, just as some PDP chieftains are also insinuating that the meeting may be part of Ameachi’s own plans to return to the PDP.
However, a very close confidant of Lamido, who was also privy to the meeting told Daily Sun that Lamido would be the last person to leave the PDP, even if he was not happy with the happenings within the party.
Asked further if it was true that the governor was already putting finishing touches to his defection plan from the PDP, the source said: “that has always been their wishes for Lamido, but come to think of it, these are the same people who are saying that PDP is bad, the party is this and that. Already, the APC has some PDP bigwigs in their midst, who are now APC chieftains. If Lamido joins now, don’t you think it would be too much for the APC to handle?
The source asked further: “Is it a crime for two governors to meet? Or is it because they now belong to different political parties, then, they should have nothing in common again? Look here, Nigeria is greater than anybody. And so we should be looking at Nigeria, in whatever we do, and not just individuals.
“I am sure you are aware that some Southerners are moving out of the North, just as some Northerners too are already moving out of the South, ahead of the elections. Why don’t you guys see their meeting in that light, I mean to reassure Nigerians who are already panicking and moving away from their areas of residences that they need not do that? Or you think, when those moving out hear that a Southern governor visited a Northerner governor, it won’t serve as a reassurance to those set of Nigerians?
“The man (Lamido), I recall, has told you on several occasions that he is not one who will abandon a house he built, for strangers, who never knew how the cement and other materials used in building the house were procured, let alone know how the house was built. He is one man who prefers to remain in the PDP to fight the injustices, rather than move out,” the source added.
Asked why he remained in the PDP despite the fact that majority of those that started the New-PDP, including Amaechi, his longtime ally, had since moved to the APC, the source further said: “recall, I once told you how Lamido was offered the presidential ticket of the APC during those periods, but he declined. And did you remember what he told the team then, when a team led by Chief Bisi Akande, came to woo him to the APC? He said the struggle against the impunity in the PDP then was not about personal interest, but about salvaging and safeguarding the country’s nascent democracy,” the source said.
Source: Sun


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