ABUJA—Despite the agitation of some stakeholders against the use of card readers for the conduct of the 2015 general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has given more explanations on why it has settled for the machine.
Chief Press Secretary to INEC, chairman, Kayode Idowu, told Vanguard in an exclusive chat that contrary to insinuations in certain quarters that the machine would not be able to guarantee the much desired free, fair and credible elections, the card readers have been tested and seen to be capable of making the much desired difference.
He further stated that with the way the card reader had been designed, it would only take the conspiracy of every stakeholder at a particular polling unit for the electoral system to be manipulated.
He said: “The way INEC has designed the card reader, it will only take a community conspiracy for the system to be manipulated and if that happens there is nothing anybody can do about it and it will not be the fault of INEC because it is designed in such a way that it is unique.
“Number one, it has a voice prompt which will speak out loudly from the speaker if a voter is accredited or not the moment the finger print is placed on it.
“If the finger print of the person agrees with the finger print on the embedded chip and it will say verified and that means the person is free to go and vote and if it is not the same it says not verified and it says it loud for everybody to hear.
“If it says that, party agents are there, observers are there, voters are there and an INEC staff says go and vote and everybody keep quiet, will that be a leadership trouble? So it will be the trouble of people there and it means there is a communal conspiracy.”
“In any case there is always a back-end check because the card reader takes the number of everybody that comes in for authentication and verification.
“Those who pass the verification test, it lists them and those who did not pass it lists them also and sends the data to a central server and by the time the ballot papers are countered, the commission can check whether the ballot papers of those that are cast agree with the number of accredited voters because in the past, one area of manipulation of elections is that a compromised official can work from the answer to the question.
Source: Vanguard


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