PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari may have recalled his sacked Chief Security officer (CSO), Mr Abdurahman Mani, who was relieved of his position last week.
Sources close to the seat of power told the Nigerian Tribune that the sacked CSO had been recalled to the Villa, though in another capacity.
It was gathered that the former CSO would now take charge of affairs as President Buhari’s chief detail.
It was also gathered that the CSO was yet to report in Ebonyi State when he was redesignated the chief detail.
Sources had said some forces loyal to Buhari had made case for Mani, who was regarded as loyal and dedicated throughout the course of the presidential campaign.
The former CSO had served in similar capacity to General Buhari for four years prior to his election as president.
It was gathered that some forces also moved to have the aide-de-camp, Lieutenant-Colonel M. L. Abubakar, replaced to serve as “balance of terror,” but that it was resolved that another role could be found for Mani in the security network.
The former CSO was seen as having ruffled the feathers when, on June 26, he issued a memo to counter a June 24 memo by the ADC, which announced the removal of DSS operatives from at least 10 critical duty posts in the Villa, as well as close body protection of the president.
The memo, indicated that operatives of the DSS should ignore the earlier memo by the ADC, which he claimed lacked adequate knowledge of the subject matter.
Meanwhile, federal permanent secretaries continued their briefing of President Muhammadu Buhari on activities of their ministries, with the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Works, Mr Dauda Kigbo and his counterpart in the Ministry of Justice, Alhaji Andulahi Yola, taking their turns.
Speaking with State House correspondents after leading his team to meet the president, Kigbo said he told him of the need to seek additional sources to fund ongoing road projects under the ministry.
“The projects span across the entire country and I will not be able to tell you that one is more important than the other, because you know the complexity of this country.
“I can, however, tell you that we are working right now on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway; we are also looking at Enugu-Port Harcourt Road and Mokwa-Bida Road, as well as a number of others across the country.”
Also speaking to reporters, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Justice emphasised that the present administration would uphold the rule of law.ax


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