Apparently wor¬ried and disturbed about seemingly endless bombing and killing of innocent souls in Northeast by Boko Ha¬ram insurgency, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has tasked the insurgency to choose between bombard¬ing them by the military or enter into dialogue with the Federal Government to end the bloody crisis.
In a statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary of ACF, Muhammad Ibra¬him in reaction to Thursday killing in Biu market, Borno State, the Forum described the bloody attack as wicked.
The statement said, “It is re¬ally disturbing that despite the security measures being de¬ployed by the government, the situation in Borno State where up to ten local government ar¬eas are still under the control of the Boko Haram insurgents is worrisome.
“ACF therefore calls on the security agencies to in¬tensify their onslaught on the insurgents and also continue to share intelligence with the community.“Once again, we call upon the Boko Haram insurgents to embrace dialogue as the only civilized way to address their grievances rather than killing innocent souls.
“The news of the suicide bomb blast that occurred on Thursday afternoon at the Biu market , Borno State was shocking and unbelievable. It was wicked, barbaric, grue¬some and condemnable con¬sidering the innocent people killed and injured by the sui¬cide bombers.
“Equally disturbing was the arrest of other two female bombers who wanted to carry out another dastardly bomb blast. But for the vigilant ef¬fort of the security agencies and the civilian Joint Task Force (JTF), it would have been another disaster.
“Biu emirate has enjoyed relative peace compared to the other local government areas of Borno State that have been under the control of the insurgents. This is largely due to efforts of the military and the civilian JTF that have maintained joint operations and shared intelligence to re¬pel many attempted attacks on Biu town. ACF commends the joint cooperation between the military and the commu¬nity and urged them to sustain such relationship.”
Source: Sun


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