The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi ll, on Thursday said his position as emir was his major accomplishment in life and that he would never aspire to any other position for the rest of his life
Speaking to a select group of journalists ahead of his official coronation as the 14th Emir of Kano in the ruling Fulani dynasty on Saturday, Sanusi said having ascended the saddle of Kano emirship, he had fulfilled his ambition in life, adding that it was the most revered status one could aspire to have a sense of satisfaction.
According to him, his journey to stardom has started on a sound footing and willing to witness its ending from the palace to his grave, stressing that God in His infinite wisdom has crowned it all for him to reach the pinnacle of his ambition.
The monarch said he is on course to follow in the foot steps of his predecessors knowing the immense degree of sacrifice they rendered to the people of Kano, saying as leader of the people, he would be fully guided by the teaching of Islam to do what was ordained by Allah.
“As far as I am concerned, I can tell you that I have achieved my ambition. I have no further ambition in life and I am not willing to move an inch in the name of looking for any revered status.
“I know what my predecessors did to earn the confidence of the people, I am also taking a cue from their good legacies to prove my prowess,” he added.
On the issue of accommodating one another irrespective of one’s ethnic or religious affiliation, Sanusi said Kano had for long been adored for its absolute hospitality and the ability to tolerate one another, saying it is a niche the city carved for itself courtesy of the values of decorum and human decency it was built on.
He further revealed that what is badly needed at present in the state is education to enable the people to understand the indices of life, stressing that it was based on such a premise that he was poised to place high premium on education.
Commenting on his eventful tenure as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi said he had introduced far reaching reforms which had positively impacted on the lives of all Nigerians, affirming that he is averse to any responsibility that could not be effectively handled.
“People are erroneously nursing the impression that only something that is popular is right. One may come up with an initiative that is unpopular but may not be wrong as expected. But with conviction and sincerity of purpose, one could be able to make some appreciable headway,” he said.
Source: Thisday


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