Pan-Yoruba group, Afenifere Renewal Group, ARG, yesterday warned that the Yoruba nation will opt out of Nigeria if the current democratic dispensation fails, by whatever reason.
This position was contained in the communiqué released as the outcome of the social discourse organised by the group to “sensitise and mobilise Yoruba voters” for the forthcoming general elections.
The communiqué, signed by the group’s National Chairman, Hon. Olawale Oshun said: “Yoruba people would wish, as we are now, to be part of a democratic, well-governed and truly federal Nigeria, in all intents and purposes.
“However, we warn that if for any reason, Nigeria were schemed to become a banana and undemocratic republic, with the muzzling of its democratic institutions as demonstrated by this poll shift and/or if Nigeria were to be divided in any manner, we would as a people opt out to become a democratic nation as would be acceptable by our people.”
According to the group, the warning is a response to what it called “suspicious sinister motives”, which led to the postponement of the general elections.
The communiqué read: “The recent election shift is certainly not just about elections. We suspect that the postponement is about something more sinister, the first being that it might be grounds to prepare a soft surface for a sympathetic group within the armed forces to take over the reins of power, since in character and content there is little to distinguish the present rudderless government from the one that ruled in the Second Republic between 1979 and 1983.
“Also, anyone who is thinking that the balkanization of the country on the premises of North and South could be a way out should better think deeply. The Yoruba people would not be part of any such balkanized unit; it is definitely not one we would demand as a change
Source: National Mirror


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